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The “Keep Wanchai Weird” message resonates with both parties through their experiences as youths growing up in Wanchai district. Many things make the district special - from the busy wet markets, the vibrant neon lights of nightlife, to the people of diverse cultures and heritage living together and operating businesses. This diverse spectrum of influences is a monumental part of both studio’s upbringing. “Keep Wanchai Weird” is the message of keeping the cultural identity of a district in an ever-changing metropolitan city, started by CHANG at The Stallery. Due to The Stallery’s location on Stone Nullah Lane, CHANG wanted to celebrate Wanchai and decided to borrow the phrasing of the Texan slogan “Keep Austin Weird” (and subsequently the “Keep Portland Weird” slogan from Oregon) to promote the awareness of respect for the small, family businesses that created the district’s vibrancy.